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Default Re: Something is really bothering me

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
I like big clouds because it's a lot of fun to play with. That doesn't mean i'll smoke shisha that tastes like crap but makes big clouds, the taste is always a priority far over the amount of smoke it produces for me at least, i'd expect it to be the same way for a lot of people here too, unlike most college hipsters who get crappy hookahs with crappy coals and crappy shisha with crappy setups who don't really know what they're doing.
same here. this is the reason i joined the hookahpro community because i want to learn everything there is about hookah and all the good stuff. i have many friends that have sketchy chinese hookahas that they bought way overpriced from local shops and they always make it super harsh so they can get big clouds. i wanted to figure out how to get good taste and show off that i can make the same cloud size to my friends. everytime i go to one of there houses they have me set up now haha!
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