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Default Re: Hookah bar defies everything ive ever learned

I have a lounge and I change the water and clean the hookah every single time its done... and we sanitize the hoses using food-grade sanitizer (dont think that it ruins the hoses... we have a system that dips the metal tip in the sanitizer) then we rinse once and then twice ensuring all parts are cleaned and we use washable hoses. As for hookahs we use a special glass/plastic/metal cleaner...availible at it cleans off everything leaving no trace of a past flavor. As for over packing a bowl... I dont really think I've over packed any... we actually measure out grams of tobacco depending on the particular price level the customer chooses... We use metal screen for reg mya bowls and foil for tangiers bowls. I sure as hell wouldnt go to a dirty hookah lounge and ALWAYS use the plastic tips... I know my hoses are clean and all but I always bring out the plastic tips because I stress the importance of public health...
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