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Default Re: Tobacco Journal article about hookah

This topic should be a "deep thought" topic because I have to begin to bitch! First off... when you say to someone that you smoke hookah (assuming ur talking to a non smoker) they put their nose up in the air. The government taxes the shit out of tobacco. Why?? Because they are using a bullshit excuse: "It may cause blah blah blah" We, as hookah smokers, cigar smokers, cigarette smokers, etc understand the risks involved in smoking. Why do we have to pay the price (esp as business owners) because the gov't says... Now here is my way of justifing bullshit taxes like this..... I believe that everything in moderation is just fine.... BUT if you smoke a pack of ciggs a day for 20-30 years ur prob going to have cancer yet wait.... What happens if you eat a bag of cheetos a day for 20-30 years... chances are your going to have some type of medical ailement... (heart attact, colesteral etc) Why dosent the government tax junk food like they do smoking? Is junk food bad? yes. Is smoking bad? yes. But why do we continue to do it then. WE LIKE IT! I dont think that tobacco products should be singled out and taxed to hell because it may give u cancer and u die... what do u think the shit in that bag of chips is eventually going to do? I know I dont put a good example across... im just bitching about the Ohio OTP thing... and I'm gladd its a growing trend lol... for obvious reasons.
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