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Default Re: Tobacco Journal article about hookah

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
I know I dont put a good example across... im just bitching about the Ohio OTP thing... and I'm gladd its a growing trend lol... for obvious reasons.
Right with you on the Ohio OTP issue. I didn't even know there was legislation being talked about on the subject... I live in cincinnati so if that goes through i get to pay more taxes w00! and for what. I am as informed as it is possible to be with the limited studies on hookah health issues. I tell anyone who smokes my hookah, that yes, it is probably better than cigarettes, but noone knows 100%, and it is still a tobacco product. I do everything i can to stay aware and keep people aware of the risks, and the government thinks i need help.

So I should pay more for it.
That'll learn me real good.
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