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Default Re: Tobacco Journal article about hookah

[FONT=Verdana]Trust me the tax that you all in the states will have to pay is nothing compared to what we pay in Canada. A shop that legally sells Nahkla in Ontario must sell it for $65 - $80 per 250g box. Now you can find some stores that sell it for around $15 - $30 but unless you are a usual customer they won’t even talk to you.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]The laws have been changed recently and all shisha products have been recognized and moved to a separate category on their own like they should be. New law is for every $10 worth of shisha the tax is $35. Still very high but at least it brings the legal price down a bit. Governments all use the excuse of the problems that are caused by smoking and say that we smokers will have to pay for our "addiction" to help fund the stress we put on the healthcare system in Canada. This is nonsense these taxes are in place because it is just another way for them to screw us, as if they don’t get enough out of me already taking 30% of my pay check every week.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]We can sit here and complain about this but honestly unless people realise that you need to do something for things to change then governments will always take advantage of the fact that a majority of the population would like their good shepherd to lead the flock where to go and not have to ask any questions.[/FONT]
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