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Originally Posted by CarolinaJohn
Originally Posted by MNH
fumari does make a damn good mango, but I also liked Fantaisa's as well and everyone one I smoked it with also enjoyed it. But everyone as there own opinions and I love to here them, good and bad.
Exactly. Not everyone likes Lobster.....(cannot imagine that), but we all have our own tastes and much goes into the reception of certain flavors and mixes. Little differences can cause my taste buds and olfaction to respond differently than someone else's.

I have had my nose broke several times in sports and such and I have smoked cigarettes for many years, so I am sure my senses are not as keen as others.

Anyway, this was NOT a personal attack agains you or your company. It was purely a review from a relatively new Hookah Lover.

Oh I'm not upset, I was just shocked a little bit after i saw you didn't enjoy it at all, cause everyone I smoked with liked it. But like you said taste buds are different for people or maybe it was a bad batch on that carton. I like to here your opinions keep them coming.
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