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Default Re: what makes nakhla so hot?

i wanted to ask the same question, as denali7432.
here in germany, nakhla is known as the worst shisha in the world and no one want to buy it.
i am a nakhla hater, too. i bought 250g of nakhla again some months ago, because i wanted to give it another chance. but when i smoked it, i thought i must puke the next moment. there is not a single flavor i would prefer in comparison with al fakher (kind of cheap, too). i think, i smoked every flavor of nakhla, when i started smoking.
and it doesnt smoke that good, too. so i dont know ...

- cheap
- traditional

- flavor
- smoke
- buzz
- duration (~ 45mins / AF: 90mins and more)

this is all just my opinion about it! maybe im totally wrong ...
i dont want to offend anyone here, but i cant believe everyone here loves nakhla, when there are great brands like starbuzz or fumari (e.g.) in range.
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