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Default Re: just had a terrible hookah experience...

oxygen deprivation. you where getting too much co2 in your blood and that lets the oxygen not bind to your hemoglobin since co2's bond is stronger than oxygen so you where choking yourself to death if you look at it loosely. remember to take a breath between and if you begin to feel sick immediately stop smoking and go off to get fresh air.

if you begin to get cold and clammy you will be basically on your ass on the floor wherever you are if possible drag yourself outside if your inside or get near a way to get a lot more oxygen so an o2 tank, outside, bigger not smoke filled room, etc. a damp cool rag will help you feel better faster but if you feel that way and there is someone at your house yell for them to watch you for a few minutes. if you black out and stop breathing it may be game over.
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