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Default Re: High Life Hookah ...

Hmm...IDK about the bowl..its glass and glass is known to burn the shisha real quick (except the MNH glass phunnels).

Also, imo, I think the way the vase is made will make the hookah tip over! Eek. Because the support on the bottom looks small

I think something like this:

or like thisI think its the best one!)

Would be better :

They are cheaper and "herbal tobaccos" are usually very horrible (the one that comes with the hookah, the hookah you posted). Hehe except Saalaam herbal shisha but I think the herbal shisha they hand out is Soex! Stay away!

If you want tobacco from that site..Out of all of 'em, I'd say get Nakhla. Idk about Maalem (its not available in the USA from what i've seen).

Hope this helps!
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