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Default Re: what makes nakhla so hot?

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
Ok so, along with the Nakhla theme, there are "wet" lines and then there are... not wet lines?

I'm confused about this and i think i'm getting a wrong idea... as stated before, the smoke is created from heating the glycerin/molasses... but if the shisha is "not wet"... how is the smoke created?
In comparison to swimming in glycerin and other juices varieties it's dry. When people say it's dry it really isn't. Nakhla (except for Mizo) has sticky or as some describe it oily texture to it. Mizo is very wet. I have got a 50 G pack or 2 of Nakhla that was dry due to age. A little 50/50 glycerin honey combo fixed it up nicely. Every 250 G pack of Nakhla I've seen were pleny moist. They smoke nicely.
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