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Default Re: Pictures from Christmas finally loaded

Originally Posted by denali7432 View Post
the way you wrote that sentence i cant tell if thats where you got it from or your wifes but eiter way thats a hell of a
LOL. That is where she got it. It is an ebay seller. One of the few that apparently is pretty legit.

It is a nice rig smokes like a dream. So far our favorite hose is the Easy Lay hose we got from The Hookah Store. Kind of funny cause it is the smallest gauge hose.

Anyway we love it. And my wife has been setting it up and taking it down lately. It is strange but I am not complaining. I am glad she can do it and that she doesn't mind most nights cause I tend to have more to do before we finally go to be what with dogs, contacts, and medicine. So while I do all that she is rinsing and brushing the hookah. Great wife. Great Hookah. Great Shisha tobacco Nakhla. LOL.
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