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Default Re: what makes nakhla so hot?

Originally Posted by xHARRYxCOLONx View Post
im hearing all these great things about nakhla but i hate buzzes

is there a way to wash it without ruining it?
It is called El Basha I believe that is the washed line of Nakhla. I haven't tried it yet. As to buzz it will all give you one unless it is herbal but for us it is almost celebratory. When the buzz first hits or you change coals and it is coming back we announce found it. LOL. Buzz lovers until we have to walk.

Another thing I like about Nakhla is the underlying tobacco flavor. As is seen in the thread about it I started a while back there seems to be little knowledge about what it is or possibly even why but I just like the tobacco itself better than the tobacco flavor of some other brands. I only know a few types of tobacco leaves/curings so I can't speak to it but I know that it is nice. I have only recently started noticing it I have been so enamored by the flavorings I almost forgot I was smoking. Now I have come to notice and appreciate the quality or more to the point lack of quality of the tobacco or smoke. I like that AF is wetter because I don't like the tobacco as much. I like it covered up. Nakhla has a lot of flavor from the flavorings but it also has great tobacco. So yeah I guess add quality tobacco leaf choices to the reasons why I like Nakhla.
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