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Default Re: Hookah stem gone after 11days?

Iíve looked around at the Sahara site and I think that what they have is a bit to trendy looking for my taste but Iíve never known anyone that ordered from them so I have not heard anything until know about how good their products are.

Off hand, it sounds like they are pushing junk although I am interested trying out the Black Label shisha.

I am pretty anti Mya as a result of numerous bad experiences but frankly, I canít see buying anything made in the PRC as I object to slavery and communism pretty strongly. While itís true that some Arabic made stuff is junk it is very easy to find well built Egyptian and Syrian that offer excellent value. Personally, Iíd recommend the El Ahsrey or KM brands as the best of what Egypt has to offer although the Syrians offered by Mahir and Jimmy are fantastic and the better value.
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