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Default Re: Final statement.

+1 to what KoRnKitten Said!

Originally Posted by Mushrat
So, the editing has begun. Um, on what grounds did you remove the VS thread? It didn't seem to violate any of the rules, merely was a thread you didn't like. Hmm sound slike the kind of high handed Moderatin g many of you were complaining about over at HF.
So, here's my final words on the issue.
<start response>
I removed the thread, because you requested it be removed! I was taking it down in an attempt to work towards a happier hookah world for everyone! I didn't want to argue, nor compete, only to be able to co-exist and provide fellow hookah lovers with some variety, as far as hookah forums goes...
... and since you feel so strongly that the thread has been edited/removed due to "high handed moderation, or that it violated any rules (which it didn't) ... I would be happy to oblige you and bring it back!
</end response>

Now for my take...

Mushrat and I had discussions via Private Messages, about working towards co-existance. His main request was about taking the thread down HF vs. HP, I then took this thread down, in an attempt to appease him, and continue to work towards harmony and co-existance amoungst the two forums.

WOW! was I wrong! Now it looks like I was baited into taking the thread down so that I could look like we are trying to control the boards. SO I will bring it back!!!
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