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Default Re: Egyptians Vs Syrians

Bowl differences seems to becoming a thing of the past as most Syrian narghiles have adopted Egyptian style bowls.

The best that the Egyptians have to offer (El Ashrey and KM in my opinion) have excellent material, fit and finish quality although they are not as ornamental the better offerings from Syria. The Syrians tend to have more machined parts which I think is better in terms of ease of cleaning and the design of the heart. Still, the fact is that either a well made Syrian or Egyptian will offer a great rig that will last you many years of fine service so its basically a matter of personal preference.

I should mention that Persian & Lebanese rigs tend to be very ornamental, use top quality materials and while hand built have excellent fit quality. They do tend to not have as much machined and cast parts as the Syrians which I think makes for harder cleaning. Also, the ornamental painting found on the Persian & Lebanese rigs will wear off with use while Syrian style etching does not. In terms of smoke quality Id say that the best rigs from Syria are a better then the best of what Egypt, Iran and Lebanon have to offer but a lot of very smart people disagree with me on that point so.....
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