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Default Re: what makes nakhla so hot?

Originally Posted by StZero View Post
So say I as someone who is new to the more traditonal brands, was to purchase Nakhla, seeing as how my local carries quite a bit of it, what would be a good starter flavor the local only carries 250g packs. Is there a special way to pack the bowl, is it more friendly with a phunnel or with a mod bowl. just some questions. I mean when youve got a elephant shitting on Al-Fak and Tangiers it has to be at least good.
Sweet Melon, Mizo White Grape, Mint and Peach, Fakhfakina Mixed Fruits, Sheherazade Cinnamon, Cardamon, and Earl Grey, and Pistachio are all damn good.

Pack it fluffy to just below the rim of the bowl. Nothing special about technique. Don't heap a ton of coals on top looking for fog out clouds. If you want to smoke an asston use a funnel, but I use a standard Egyptian clay bowl.
Tangiers =
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