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Default Re: if money was no object what brand of tobaco would you buy?

IIIIIIIIIIIIf I had the money. Let me see.........

First, I would travel to the Middle East (always wanted to do that anyway) and sample as many brands as I could find. I would put special emphasis on lesser known, local brands. The ones I like best, I would contact the producers and see if they would be interested in making bulk orders.

And that's just where it starts.

These producers would also be asked to join a consortium representing their country or region. Each producer's brand would be sold under their own name under that consortium's banner(A Turkish line, A Lebannese line, Jordanian line, etc.). I would supply all the packing materials.

When the orders are ready, they would be collected, labeled, and put in containers and shipped to me in the U.S. After convincing customs that I'm not bringing anything into the country I'm not supposed to, it would be shipped to my new super-super-double-dog-secret-uglybiker-hideout (wherever that is after I'm rich).

Then, when my newfound treasure has arrived, I would put out a call to all my hookah smokin' friends for shisha-packin' parties! Everyone who shows up will have an opportunity to sample each brand as they break the orders down into 250g bits and wrap/seal/box and label it up for distribution. At the end of the night, after paying them a few bucks ( I'm rich, remember?) they will be able to take home 500g of their choice of the flavors they tried that night.

Now, if I could just figure out how to do this and make a profit, too.........
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