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Default Good News & Bad News

Hey everyone,

Let's start with the Good News:

- i just got my KM Pharonie that I ordered from John at *************.com, and I LOVE IT!
- shipping was fast received items within a couple of days [luckily i also live in CA], packaging wasn't that great... my bowl and stem had some scratches and dents by the time i received it, but i checked for leaks and there are none, so I don't mind too much.
- everything about my order was great: tangier's medium phunnel, layalina cocoa, tangier's lucid cocoa, and ch natural coals. the combination of the hookah, tobacco, coal, and phunnel was excellent. an investment well worth it.

on to the BAD NEWS:

- I accidentally broke my phunnel bowl last night.... ... i was transporting my KM from the dining room to the family room, and as i saw it tilting about to fall off. it felt like a slow motion movie where i was saying, "NOoooo......".
- It was just my second time using the bowl, and now its gone.. I ordered another one right after it broke, because I STILL LOVE IT.
- sad, sad, sad...

- I'll post up pictures when i get some up. thanks again for those that inputted their 2 cents before i bought my KM, i am absolutely happy with it.


btw, i just ordered some Fusion Hazelnut, has anyone tried it? I was looking through the forums reviews and couldn't find any, just wanted to know what other people thought of it.
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