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Definitely not the actual vendor HS :

Your in luck I own the obelisk and have smoked out of the other two.

First, the nammor does fit in there. If you don't clean it out and the hose grommets are moist, it might slip out. Just jam it in there and turn to build up friction and it will stay all night.

Second this is what I did. I bought the single hose.
Here's why. I knew I would be doing some solo sessions and I like to purge. I also knew I was going to all nammor hoses. So I didn't need those cloissone hoses. I bought 4 Mya Adapters - Auto Seal.
Now I can I can smoke solo and purge, or all four with friends each with a nammor.

Just something to consider. Yeah I paid a lot a year ago, but I haven't regretted for a single second, beats KM's and MZ's hands down!!!