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Default Re: Ugh, buying shisha is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
soooooo true.

the way large warehouses can lose track of age is horrid, as an example, most of the paintball paint from walmart is 6+months old some times pushing 2 years when paintballs need to be used with in 3 months tops from date of manufacture or they can settle out and not fly straight, get hard and not break, or get brittle and break to easily, or just get soggy.

thats why it was nice to be sponsored by ******* or draxxus for most of the time ive played. :P

i think it would be possible to a so-to-speak 'wal-mart' of shisha but shipping would take longer for the less popular brand. since like most distributors they would have to order in bulk at a time. stay stocked up on the most popular stuff and basically special order the hard to find stuff when demanded.

just my .02
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