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Default Re: Ugh, buying shisha is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by UXK View Post
thats why it was nice to be sponsored by ******* or draxxus for most of the time ive played. :P

i think it would be possible to a so-to-speak 'wal-mart' of shisha but shipping would take longer for the less popular brand. since like most distributors they would have to order in bulk at a time. stay stocked up on the most popular stuff and basically special order the hard to find stuff when demanded.

just my .02
I ENVY YOU!!!!!!!! ******* is one of my all time favorite paints but the filed i go to now doesnt stock it and the field i worked at stopped stocking it at the field a few months before i parted ways (new management didnt get along with us and being paid on credit or a little cash when we bugged hard enough made it easy to kick us out). my team was only sponsored by atomic ordnance paint grenades cause our mentor was affiliated with them. the only paint ive ever shot i liked more than ******* was proball platinum but that was once and we never were able to get it again, lately its been a lot of PMI stuff when i hit up scenarios and the local field now that runs their own scenarios uses red legion and some other of the same manufacture, personally not to big on it. it doesnt help that i shoot an auto mag now and up until after the last game i played i was running the lightest spring so it was a little rough on paint and i would break left and right unless it was rather warm out, havent gotten to try it out with a harder spring to lighten up the force on the balls but i think it will be better... just havent played since april, sucks being a college student especially when my whole team is in the same boat

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