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I was going to make a video review for HP on this but having technical/patience difficulty. Here's how it went:
Nakhla Mandarin, there has been a big buzz about this lately so i wanted to try it myself. I opened it put it in a flat tupperware and let it acclimate for a few minutes, loosely dropped it in an egyptian clay bowl and started my first smoke. It was great flavor, weak on the smoke. I know most Naklhla smokers don't care to get big clouds, flavor is more important to them. I disagree, I want big flavor and big smoke. Next bowl was packed in a tangeirs small phunnel bowl with toothpick holes driven all the way to the bottom of the bowl like I would prepare tangiers only I wanted less holes thinking tat the tangiers hole method I use would bun the nak. It didn't burn it but I got the same great flavor and more smoke. The next night I went all the way, made the tangiers hole pattern, if you don't know what this is I have a "how to pack a tangiers bowl" here on HP. I keep the holes distance from each other as if i wa poking them with a 3 pronged oyster fork. So I did that and awesome smoke and flavor.
Tonight I wanted to share that with a video review, my problem is if I edit I can upload, bs, etc etc. I am fine running 1 take but not multiple and this is frustrating if I want to add my HP intro and so you before and after time. Anyways, hope the verbal works. I was never a big Nakhla fan but thanks to HP I am trying more flavors.
Someone asked me about what type of hole pattern to use and I was about to answer but couldn't I have been experimenting with so many types of shisha and hole patterns that I realized I am always changing. That's what I suggest for you guys and you'll get your own methods for what works best.
If you haven't tried Nakhla Mandarin go for it! Great stuff.
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