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Default Ok, so this is the part where I ask a stupid question...wind covers...

I like to over-analyze things and this is my latest subject. Before I spend the rest of the day online trying to determine which wind cover is best I thought I'd see if anyone has any suggestions/advice. I just don't want to make too many noob mistakes here (I read that post, btw). Note that most of the time I'm smoking inside, so I know it's not necessary, but I've got Coconut coals on my mind right now and after watching Sambooka's review, well I'd say he knows a thing or two and as for me I'm just going on woman's intuition here...(probably not as reliable)...

I was considering one from Hookah-Shisha because it comes in bronze and gold:

BUT it doesn't have a handle to take it off for coal just kind of sounds like it might be a nuisance to have to have a pair of gloves around inside...Idanno...

I found only one other bronze wind cover, but it looks kind of weird (cheap?) to me:

Then there's one at HC and since I had a good experience with them, I'd feel comfortable buying...only thing is that it's not brass (do you think I'm I being ridiculous about the "brass" thing?)

Anyway...would appreciate your opinion (at your convenience)

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