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Default Maybe you guys could lend a hand.

Here's the deal, I need all you chaps' help!!

I want to buy an all brass (natural or white, chrome plated is OK) Syrian. It also has to be all one piece, no parts that unscrew.

The Catch is: I don't want any hookah that is a Nour, from anywhere, including H-S (glyph, engineer, snake twist); one from MagicHookahs, one from either 2 of the banned vendors still active on other forums, one from

If you guys could throw me some links maybe... that would be really cool.

I have found one on Ebay, but a fellow member wanted to purchase it so I don't want to seem like I am snapping up his ideas .

I am getting picky and snobby about my hookahs, as if this hookah is up to par with what I want, I won't be making another hookah purchase.

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