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Default Re: Maybe you guys could lend a hand.

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
the rig that was on ebay was 1 of several availiable.I can't imagine a member being upset about someone across the country having the same one. But keep in mind, the narghile from ebay is extremely low priced and untested. I'm sure this member is aware of the risk in buying from photo only(which I hear he will be doing this fri.,btw)It is also an Al Nawras. Which is the same co. that manufactered the rig you recently baught and are currently trying to sell.
You've disqualified some decent rigs above. And I understand the need to have a quality/unique narghile, but I hope you aren't setting the bar too high.
Of course, I'll look around for ya'. But short of a plane ticket to Damascus, you may be SOL.
Good to hear this member is getting the rig they wanted!!! I am aware it is an Al Nawras, and the one I sold, and currently own, is just not "thick" enough. I want something I can club a seal with!
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