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Default Re: phunnel bowl mod?

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
+1 didn't try the denture cleaner method, might have been a good idea. Never got the chance cuz it broke the first time I dropped it in the sink. A little too delicate, pyrex would be a better material
it probably is pyrex. "pyrex" is just a trade name for a borosilica glass, they use it because it hardens up at a much higher temp so its easier to manufacture and has slightly different other characteristics than soda lime glass

the reason it broke is more from the process of fabrication as apposed to the material itself, probably just wasnt cooled right or when you dropped it it hit just right or just wrong depending how you look at it. i have had glass ive blown break when it fell 2 inches and other glass ive dropped or gotten knocked around a lot harder, all about the same thickness, just hit it in a weak spot

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