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Default Re: home made shisha

You can find them at the section where flour, sugar and baking stuff are, probably in large supermarkets. The bottles a very very small, like miniatures. They are about 40ml. There werent many different flavours but maybe in the US you could find more.
The only problem is that i has a sour taste. with chocholate, it was helping the flavour (was more like cocoa flavour). In strawerry that sour flavour was not that good. The shisha smelled great, like the room was full of mashed strawberries but it had a sour taste to the tounge...
My shisha actually smoked better that pro shisha. When i placed the first coals on the bowl, there was thick smoke which lasted for the whole session. At about 1 hour we stopped cz the flavour was gone. The smoke never got harsh but at about 45-50 minutes the taste/smell starterd to become subtle. That was my bes shot up to now on shisha-making and am not gonna stop here.

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