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Default Re: ANother Makhla thread

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
matt you have to understand, my wife was taping so i really had to say i prefer naturals....but oh back to the subject, i do prefer natural when it comes to almost anything, the only reason you use artificial is when you need to by convenience (jeez, i keep thinking boobs) anyways, like coals, i use nats 99% of the time but sometimes i have to have QL's out of necessity. with shisha you don't have that problem, just what you choose. On another note all shisha has artificial/synthetic flavoring, however nakhle "seems" more natural, based on color, their longevity in the business, and the others have what appreas to be too much artificial stuff. with all that babbling i'm nakhla'd out atm, just mixed some DA and mandarin, however think i'm going to light up some AF right about now. don't call me a flipflopper though, it's that i like variety (thinking of boobs again, dam perv)
I will end finally with this note, i am glad that I have 4 or so tubs of Nakhla open right now to add to my collections diversity.
lol, variety is good though, i hate getting an order with out something new in it, just feels like a waste to me
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