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[FONT=Verdana]With every post like this I feel I need to step in and say it one more time. What you guys pay for tobacco is a joke! A $1.50 raise per tub is not going to force you to have to get a loan each time you want to smoke. Does this suck? Absolutely! But I do like how this is the first thread that I have seen where someone has told people to take action, if you are not willing to do that nothing will ever change. It doesn’t matter if you voted or not, you have to continue to fight to get what you want. Over time taxes on tobacco and alcohol and anything else that is not an essential to the quality of life will continue to go up. Right now they are saying it has to go to help SCIHP, in Canada they say it has to go up to help pay for all the extra stress we smokers put on the healthcare system (OHIP). Be happy that what you are paying right because when you compare the price of tobacco to the price in Canada and parts of Europe what you pay is a small amount compared to what we have to pay ($60-$80/250g). [/FONT]
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