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I've got a thread up about this tax and how it's helping to pay for universal health care for illegal aliens in the yada yada section.

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
It's no big surprise. People who want universal health care and smoke, you are all mixed up. Every country that has universal health care, tobacco costs an arm and a leg. They have to pay for it somehow, and if you are going to smoke you are going to pay more.

Not exactly. Japan has reasonable tobacco taxes and an excellent universal health care system. As to Europa and Canada it's true they have ridiculously high taxes however, those taxes support massive social democratic welfare states rather then just universal health care.
If you want to consider taxes and budgets I would suggest that the 3 trillion spent on acquiring colonies in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the cost of keeping troops in nearly every nation on the planet could be better spent on a great number of things (like health care) with plenty left over and no tax increases. It all comes down to what you want to spend money on and how you spend it.

I will also point out that Americans spend more per capita on health care then many country with nationalized health care and that as it is most Americans simply can't afford health care so it's not as if you guys are getting a decent value for money as it is. I will also point out that a great deal of the health costs in European nations stem from the disproportionate burden immigrants place on the system and that prior to the the massive influx of immegrants the quality and cost of care was better then is curerently the case. So in the end, you can't talk about a complicated subject like health care by itself.

Tobacco is taxed and smokers abused because we are an easy target with no real representation. That won't change until smokers make it happen.

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