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cigs suck. i tried it once and had to stop smoking it. i have no clue how people enjoy them. smoking pipe tobacco out of a water pipe (not a hookah) is a lot better since the tobacco is kinda moist. you get a real head buzz from that, but no where as enjoyable, relaxing, or social as a hookah.

cigars, are social since they take a while to smoke and i'm friends with a lot of power smokers that can finish a cig in a minute. there also kinda harsh if you end up breathing in the smoke, and end up not being to enjoyable.

hookah is the best way to go. i love siting around with friends and smoking a hookah too bad there isn't any good small portable hookah's, but that would end up just looking like a small water pipe used to smoke something illegal (you wouldn't need to keep lighting).

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