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Default Re: Most out of your buck

There are only 2 hookah establishmens in the city I live in. One is a Bar/Show type atmosphere and the other is an outdoor, no alcohol place.

We actually enjoyed the outdoor place because of the ability to relax outside and people watch as we smoked.

We frequented the place often and usually for two people we were hit for 10-12 bucks per session. I found it resonable.

Well, we had some folks come in from out of town this past weekend and we wanted to start the bar crawl at the Hookah place. There were a total of 15 people with us, of which, 9 people smoked hookah while the other just sat in and conversed. They set up 3 hookahs for the nine smokers. They put out a very small tray of finger pastries and I think 4 people had a small cup of tea. Nothing else was consumed.

I figured I would treat as several of the folks had never experienced the Hookah and I had made the suggestion. I went inside to pay and they hit me for $81.00. I think I crapped on the floor right there.

They used Naklah Shisha and I cannot imagine them using more than about 2-3 dollars worth of Shisha per bowl. That would have been say 9 bucks. Then the tea (4 very small cups) and the scant amount of pastry. If they would have charged say 14 per Hookah it would have been 42 bucks and then what ever for the rest of the stuff. I do not believe that 4 cups of tea and the small tray of pastry should have hit the 39 dollar mark. My God!

I questioned the cost and was met with such an attitude that I just paid it and assured them I would not return or promote their place any longer.

Am I off here?

I think not. I truly believe they are destined for failure if that sort of price hike continues!
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