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Default Re: looking for a starter pack

Originally Posted by skatefree2k View Post
i'm in the same boat as you. i got a cheap hookah about 6 months ago on vacation, knowing nothing about hookah's, and thought it was a good deal because it came with some stuff (the thing sucks, haha) once i found this site i read through a lot of forums, read tips, and realized there were some good brands (when i used to think hookah's were all about the same). after doing some research and watching videos on the top brands i ordered a kahlil mamoon.

its not a pack but it was about the best deal i could find on a KM and got 15% off by using the discount code i got from this forum(ends up being free shipping). it should be in by saturday, and i'm really excited to smoke it.

what ever hookah you end up getting just do your research on it first.
sweet rig man!
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