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Default Hookah diversity as a deciding factor....

So I've smoked hookah plenty of times in my life, but only tacitly aware of the diversity of hookah pipes that are out there. Egyptian hookah, Syrian hookah, Arabic hookah, Mya hookah, Mod-design hookah...the list goes on and on. I'm getting ready to buy my second hookah (the first was just basic Egyptian) but every consideration is important. So, if you could, those of you who consider yourselves pros or virtuosos in the way of hookah, please contribute what you can to this discussion. I'd like to evaluate the qualities of diverse hookahs on the basis of some significant criteria. I want to know how these different pipe structures, materials, shapes, and the traditions that have motivated their unique style affect the following elements:

1) Overall Flavor
2) temperature/ comfort in mouth
3) density/heaviness of smoke
4) after-taste
5) overall sensation

If you guys could elucidate some of these uncertainties, it would help me out immensely, and also create a little forum topic people can refer back to. Thanks again! Can't wait to hear from everyone.
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