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Default Re: Hookah diversity as a deciding factor....

I have an Ebony modern an unknown modern (my girlfriend bought it at a smoke shop) and a MYA acrylic

The Ebony is the only one i no longer use, i cannot tell the difference between the unknown and my Acrylic

Really, it varies from type to type, and each hookah "acts" a little differently, there's high medium and low of all the brands..

MYA Acrylic

1) Overall Flavor: Very good, i find (flavor wise) little to no difference hookah to hookah
2) temperature/ comfort in mouth: Good, i find my acrylic a bit easier to keep from getting harsh.
3) density/heaviness of smoke: it has a nice sized chamber, and is air tight, the stem is nice size and ports are decent as well, overall nice smooth hits, and thick smoke
4) after-taste: i clean my hookahs often never really notice one.
5) overall sensation: Good, while i love it, i dont party much so i perfer glass over acrylic.


1) Overall Flavor: normal
2) temperature/ comfort in mouth: harder than most even small hookahs to keep cool, but it's pretty
3) density/heaviness of smoke: i got some really good smoke from it off and on, but it was hard, (again) due to it being hard to keep cool
4) after-taste: same as above
5) overall sensation: okay, not the hookah i'd buy now, but decent then

Unknown modern

More or less identical to the MYA, only much easier to clean, and a glass base, it's used more than my MYA.
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