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Default Re: Tthis is the one im buying

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Fezzik, what does your hookah look like and where did you get it? You probably posted it on a thread but i always screw up when i do searches. LOL
Sorry you ask for a pic and I include the pic with my crotch in it. Oh well. Very proud of it and I do recommend the Caravan Trading company. They have good hookahs hand made in Egypt. They even have some KM's now. I saw them while I was snooping. I think the ebay name is Caravan imports and I think they are well worth checking out the rigs they sell. They are cheap and high quality and come with a lot of stuff.

I also bought a Sahara hookah and actually smoked out of it before I got a chance to smoke out of mine for the second time. I was going to say before the first time but I realized that we did smoke it once before we gave this one to my wife's friend. It smokes great but doesn't purge well. However, we got kind of used to dealing with that by going to all the hookah lounges we have been to. So she loves the thing. The bendy straw would be a good fix and not difficult but you can work around it. I just think that if you get one from then get a clearance one or one of the cheaper ones cause paying 80 bucks for one with an open chamber seems like a bad idea to me. I really like Sahara smoke so I hate bad mouthing their product. I am not saying they are bad just you can do better for 80 bucks. They have killer clearance deals great discounts and wonderful accessories. They are the second vendor I have dealt with and I have equally glowing affection for their practices. No doubt they have the most beautiful bases I have seen. I plan on getting one now that I know the grommet fits my stem despite the fact that the mouth on their bases is considerably smaller than mine. One of these days I am going to pick up a few clearance bases and maybe a vortex or two from them.

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