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Default Re: No Flavor :[ What am I doing wrong?

Originally Posted by gigdarling25 View Post
1. CLean your hookah/hose - okay, i'll do it tomorrow

2. Try less heat - even with the crappy clouds from not putting quite enough?

3. What flavors in particular are you using with those lines?
Nahkla - DA, Orange
HH - Grape, Blueberry (with some Nakhla Mint),
Starbuzz - Lemon Mint

oh, and btw, we got good flavor out of Nakhla Sweet Melon unfortunately. tasted so nasty. like baby lucas or something. eck.
Nakhla DA and Nakhla Orange are my wife's favorites. Be quite sure you break up the brick and mix it up really well before you pack, and dig from the bottom. Mixing really should eliminate that need but still do it anyway. Nakhla Orange is pretty potent stuff and quite good. Too little heat can be a problem but too much heat brings out more of the tobacco flavor. Find the balance in the force and you should be there.
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