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It's funny to be ask how not to inhale as pretty much everyone I know that smokes (that is not on this board) doesn't inhale and I would have to make a conscious effort to smoke in a way other then how i've been doing it all these years. Basically, I smoke a little more vigorously then I do with a cigar in that I move my tongue and checks in such a way that just a moderate draw fills my mouth with smoke. While I can't say I don't bring any smoke into my throat or lungs it can't be much. I hold the smoke for a few seconds to fully savor the texture and taste.

The only time I do inhale is when I am getting a bowl going and I don't care much for the sensation of smoke in my lungs.

Since I never liked cigarettes and I have been a cigar and pipe fan for some time I am pretty conservative in my smoking style. I could care less about making big clouds but I almost always get a decent amount of smoke and a lot more then any cigar could produce.
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