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Default Re: how to not be a hookah newbie any more

Good to see there are a few people here that don't hold to the "you aren't smoking Hookah if you aren't smoking a KM carved straight from a Martian meteor" philosophy. I have, however, been meaning to ask when the terms changed. I was a Hookah Guru before Christmas but somewhere in there I got bumped back down to Hookah Pro. I think I have to hit 1000 before I get back to where I was. What is up with that?

As to when do you stop being a Hookah Newbie in real life, I think that comes when you pack a bowl of your favorite Shisha and sit down to watch a movie or just chill with friends. Basically when smoking the Hookah is more about the experience and less about worrying about every move you make. can you relax while you smoke or are you obsessed with how it smokes or getting the right equipment or blowing rings or whatever craziness is out there or do you just like to sit down and smoke a bowl.

The right equipment is different for everyone. I have to buy more of a certain hose now cause I only have one of it and my wife prefers it. LOL. We have 5 hoses but when she sets us up she only uses the one. All I am saying is everyone gets their preferences and they develop along the way. When you find some of your own and have a plan when you set up for what you want to set up and then don't worry about what you are doing while you do it just enjoy. Then you are no longer a real life newb. That is a lot harder than changing status on a web forum.
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