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Default Re: how to not be a hookah newbie any more

Originally Posted by CPill View Post
is it true that once you hit 1000 posts, you get admitted to the secret society? where all the top posters meet up somewhere in black robes and smoke hookah?

((i think fezzik's right, that you move up a level at 100-ish posts))

+1 to kalutika. It's like, when you're sitting at work REALLY bored and all you focus on is the time, then your shift goes from 8 hours to seemingly 16 hours. but if you don't think about it, it's over before you know it. Similar to the post count. Just get engaged in posting in threads and before you know it, you'll have a substantial post count
No no nothing so noble as that. When you reach 1000 posts you become a Guru but the black robed secret society is a bought thing. I am sure hazing is a bitch but you don't have to prove yourself first just pay up. LOL.

Edit. Aparently Guru is just gone or something. You stop being a Newbie around 50 posts apparently.
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