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Default Re: No Flavor :[ What am I doing wrong?

How KK smokes HH / HF

With HH I like to use TONS of really tiny holes like (made w/ a push pin)
Use 2/4 of a stick of exotica (Which equal 4 japs- 2 on each side still connected)
Put them on your bowl, one on each side
put a wind cover on the bowl and let it "warm up" the shisha for a few minutes
Then take off the wind cover and start smoking. Put the wind cover back on if you feel the session getting weaker.

Be careful w/ hh it burns easily! You can always take away coals / windcovers if it's getting too hot.

If yuo are new to hookah, then you shouldn't have burned your taste buds out yet.

Make sure you change your base every time too.

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