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Default Re: what mistakes you made has a hookah noob?

-getting a pumpkin hookah and tobacco but no coals.

-tried to light it with a lighter cause i was anxious and was like "how bad could it be?"
its pretty bad.

-not joining the forum sooner after spending money on alot of hookah hookah flavors that were disgusting and made me want to vomit

-using quicklights for a long time

-blowing coals in my kitchen to get them ashed, black spots on linoleum now

-buying a butane lighter to light coals FROM A GAS STATION, over priced, coffin shaped and ran out of butane in like a day.

-packing too much

-getting frustrated and having bad sessions and trying to pack and smoke like 7 bowls a day in an effort to get a good one, made me sick as hell, worst headaches ever.
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