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Default Re: No Flavor :[ What am I doing wrong?

here i go..

Originally Posted by jayrunner89 View Post
1. CLean your hookah/hose - okay, i'll do it tomorrow
didn't have time today.. but i also didn't smoke to give myself "a rest". hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Ninorey123 View Post
LOL you DO know why they stopped selling them in major stores right? Traces of lead and people getting poisoned. But i loves sprinkling that spicy ship on some doritos hahahaha.
SHUT THE CRAP UP! i didn't know that's why i haven't seen them in forever and a day... i ate those like crazy.. never got poisoned thank goodness

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Be quite sure you break up the brick and mix it up really well before you pack, and dig from the bottom. Mixing really should eliminate that need but still do it anyway. Nakhla Orange is pretty potent stuff and quite good.
oh ok... cause i just opened up the brick and put it in the bowl from there.. TRYING IT OUT TOMORROW!

Originally Posted by KoRnKitten View Post
Make sure you change your base every time too.
Really? Change out the base everytime? why?

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
Windcover? Also, are you using a screen or foil?
dont have a windcover..what i do is just let the coals sit for about 5 mins to heat up the shisha and go from there. and i'm using foil.
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