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Talking Re: Hookah bar defies everything ive ever learned

Originally Posted by Migas3007 View Post
HA! wow man!
We had a recent hookah experience at a new bar that was amazing, but bad at the same time.
The server came to us, and turned out to be a total B****. I mean, we order Grape mint, and she gave us a look like "Ugh, that's gross!" and I was like, "yeah, it's really good"
But when she brought the hookah out, my gf was like "oh that's a pretty one!" and the server was like "yeaahhhh.....they usually all are." :/
I felt like punching her in the ovaries. I mean, it was like "WOW!"
Anyways, the hookah was made really well, the smoke was awesome, and I was happy with that, but that one single server, made the whole thing stupid, and made me not want to go back.
OK that girl should be fired, all the hookah servers were I live are nice and lively and eager to help, she probably thinks she's the shit because she serves hookah. I would have had the urge to toss the coals in her eyes, lol. But it's good you had a great smoke even if the server was stuck up.
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