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Default Re: quickie on coals

Originally Posted by prince of hooka View Post
its like comparing a Kia to a rolls royce phantom. Johns CH QL being the Phantom of course
I disagree most people like Johns coals I haven't heard of anybody saying that they spend as much time in the shop as they do in the garage. Well except maybe john but that is a different story. I have also never had my 3 kings coals need repair but if the warranty is as good then I think the choice here is obvious.

Coals are a personal preference/ necessity type thing. Some people prefer ql's for convenience some love naturals for flavor. Some like coconut coals others hard woods. Some people like bulk coals some like the discs others like cubes. Some like ******* coals, others Exotica, 3 Kings, Akhla, Belgians, and as strange as it sounds there is a market for even rollands though most that have tried them can't imagine why. Point is it all depends on what you want or need. We can guide but we can't choose for you.
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