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Default Re: First Tangiers Experience

[FONT=Verdana]Tangiers killed me the first time I smoked it. My first order was for Lemon Lime, Guava, and Kashmir Peach. I hated it but then started to notice that the guava was changing with each smoke. If I was smarter I should have read the package it says right on it to let it sit out for at least an hour. [/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]I do love tangiers if it is packed properly and if the acclimation works. I will order around 3 - 6 bags of tangiers any time I do a hookah order, but I find that at least 1 -2 bags WILL NOT acclimate. They will sit out for hours and still smell like beef jerky. I have a pack of red tea that I got 6 months ago and it still smells the same as it did the day I got, like a dirty BBQ. That’s what I hate about Tangiers it is not consistent at all but for the times you get lucky it is very good tobacco.[/FONT]
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