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Default Re: New Smoker! sOME tips?

If you want to know what constitutes a good narghile read what I just wrote in the
"Hookah diversity as a deciding factor" thread.

Reviews are often not usefully because they reflect the opinion of a person that is not particularly well versed in the subject or has a financial stake in the product he is reviewing.

I've no experience with the Ice Torrent personally but it looks like the ice chamber is too small to do much good. If you want an ice chamber i'd suggest a KM
( has the best one by far although has some good stuff at very cheap prices ) or a Syrian (drop me a line and i'll look up the urls for you). Stay away from Chinese made stuff and those after market mods as they don't work.

I can't really recommend a brand when it comes to tobacco as tastes very so much. I personally don't like artificial tasting or candy like stuff so i'd never recomend SB and a bunch of other stuff.

If you want a good session use high quality, natural coals rather then quick or instant lights. Use a small funnel and scalli mod and don't let the coals sit to long and ash them frequently.

Get a high quality washable hose like Namour and clean it every time you smoke.

Clean everything very carefully everytime you smoke with a mixture of 4 parts hot water, 2 parts lemon juice and 2 part vinegar.
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