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Default Re: Well i was Banned

ok, so i had to come back to read the hate mail.

Smiley, I thought we were friends and I come here and find you TRASHING ME. My name, for thngs *I* didn't solely do. So how do I take that hmmm? As far as I can see we were friends until you decided to bash me behind my back, I may be an asshole, but I don't talk about my friends behind their back. I talk about them to their face.

4 people had accounts banned, people who complained about how much the HF was unfair, how you stayed away, were savaged etc. For people who disliked a place so much you created a mirror forum, you sure are kicking up a fuss about not being able to go back to that terrible place. You made your beds, I suggest you start working on this forum to make it the users paradise you seem to think it will become.

KK: all you did was be petty and instigate..and that's ok? And if you hadn't decided to meddle in your existing post, soemthing you don't like mods doing, I could have actually READ your post and there would have been no problems. Instead, you tried to do "take backs" and thus I could nly GUESS what you'd said by others reactions. Perhaps you shouldn't mess with a post that's already created a problem. Y'all gotta learn that once you write it, its out there for the world to see and messing with it later is just going to cause MORE problems.

note i wasn't bashing here, just telling folks if they had a problem to get over it.

So folks, while who you ARE is confidental on the internet, who you are when you use the same name, is not. And I repete, if you are going to trash HF here, expect there to be some reprecussons there.

And no Max, you aren't banned, though allowing this trashfest when we over there stopped the above thread when it started to get unpleasant shows true intentions. You won't find a post like the VS there, because we won't allow it. Serves no purpose and only is designed to start trouble. Which it has quite nicely because it was allowed here.

As for the adding to the comminity with this new forum, you have the same sub-forums, the same rules, and mostly the same people, the only difference is you are in charge here and we are in charge there. How is this adding soemthing new? Heck, you even made a splinter chat that looks just like the exiting one. Looks more like a way to DIVIDE the community to me.

And re-read what i said out in the thread and in the pm's. I never said you should erase the VS thread. I just said that by even allowing it in the first place you put to lie the whole "peaceful co-existance" claim. Once it was allowed to stay up for 3 pages before I showed up the damage was done and simply erasing it wasn't going to change a damn thing.

Ya, I can see why this community is going to be so much better.

BTW, why didn't any of your mods catch the ETC advertisements? not like there is THAT much to keep track of yet. I had to report them as violations of your own rules. Perhaps you all should spend less time trashing me ans hf and more time on watching your new home.

Oh, and read my personal quote on HF. Who said you have to like me?