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Default Re: New hookah, i need help...

the head shop off campus, only carries Hookah Hookah and Hookah Freak shisha and Rolland Ql's..... So I may have to live with the Akhals until Its time for some new Ql's and then I'll try some CH or 3K QL's..... also the akhals seem to ash alot and crumble like this normal?

So tomorrow shall be the begging of many experiments:

my rig will be my stock 10" pumpkin, w/ stock bowl and hose
I'll be putting cold water into the vase so it cover 3/4in on the stem
and the packing the bowl lightly with some shisha and trying a new hole pattern for the foil.

now two questions:

1) i need more shisha, because im basiclly out, so Whats a good flavor from HH or HF (because its availabe local)?

2) how many coals do I need for 1 small bowl of HH or HF...... The coal's i have are essentially as big as the bowl it's self, so I've been using one with it ( but that was with the Soex shisha crap) and i tried breaking it in half but it seems to burn faster when broken in half......
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