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Default Re: nicotine compared to cigerrettes?

Here something to think about.
1 cigarrette= 1 gram of tobacco
cigs are easy to carry around and by the end of the day many people smoke any where from 10-15.until Friday night or whenever they go to a bar,get feeling good and smoke a pack of 25 and not to mention the 2nd hand smoke that is in the room.

1 med bowl=10-15 grams of shisha
Hookah pipes are not that easy to carry around. At the end of the week,my wife and I might have smoked Hookah 3 times,one bowl an evening,even if we are drinking.

It seems to be, that if you want to quit smoking cigarrettes(hookah might be the way to ween yourself off, instead of taking cesation gum or drugs, Is this making any sense?
There are alot of other things in the air we breath that we can't see and not told with that said I think all this research into tobacco shisha is mumbo jumbo bullshit. LOL.
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